Your truck is a fun machine, but it can be unwieldy and wobbly around turns and at higher speeds. A little bit of stability goes a long way in these instances, so you need shocks that are up to the task. Smooth everything out and improve the way your truck rides with Rancho RS7000MT Shocks.

Durable and strong, all aspects of the construction of Rancho RS7000MT Shocks are geared towards durability, long life, and performance. Ten-stage velocity-sensitive valving provides a vehicle-specific tuning for your shocks. These shocks will perform at a higher level over a long period of time thanks to advanced heat dissipation, and a high-pressure gas charge quickens damping response time to improve spring rate and reduce body roll. What this means to you is a smoother ride, on the highway or the trail. Everything you need to put your shock together is included in this package. These shocks also look great, and will maintain these great looks for a long time thanks to a protective boot, brushed and zinc-plated clear coat, and rugged design inside and out.

Control your truck better so you can get more out of it by investing in Rancho RS7000MT Shocks. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Note: Try Rancho's RS7000MT shocks risk-free for 90 days. Rancho guarantees you'll enjoy the performance difference so much that, if the shocks don't live up to your expectations during this period, they will refund the product's original purchase price plus the cost of labor to install (up to $50 per pair).