Your baja lights need a secure mounting spot to properly do their job. But even if you're not headed to the Peninsula any time soon, your truck needs a crisp front end, and a Smittybilt RPD Light Bar will give you exactly that.

A hand-formed custom fit ensures this light bar will fit securely to your front end. Handsome looks are the most noticeable part of this deal, as the Smittybilt RPD Light Bar will hold three lights up to 9" in diameter, with extra support gussets at the bottom for extra sturdiness. Some drilling is required for proper installation, after which point this light bar will be able to handle any punishment you can toss its way without falling off.

A sturdy light bar lends your vehicle solid looks and functionality no matter how you use it. Whether for sport-riding or daily chores, give your truck the look it deserves with a Smittybilt RPD Light Rack.