Lots of people protect the front of their truck or SUV with grille guards and bull bars. But the rear bumper could use some extra protection, as well. Thankfully, the Steelcraft Rear Bumper Guard is here to help.

Whether you use your vehicle on the highways or off-roading on trails, extra protection comes standard with these bumper guards. Polished stainless steel or Black Powder Coated steel provides a measure of protection for your rear bumper in the event of a low-speed collision. It could be another driver, or it could be an unseen fire plug: no matter what impacts your rear bumper, the Steelcraft Rear Bumper Guard will protect your bumper from unnecessary damage. Each guard is custom-designed for your exact vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit.

A bull bar for your vehicle's rear bumper seems like an idea that almost makes too much sense. Bring an extra level of protection to your vehicle with a Steelcraft Rear Bumper Guard. Polished stainless models backed by a Lifetime Warranty; Black Powder Coat models backed with a 5-Year Warranty.