Performance enthusiasts know the importance of a powerful, fully-charged spark. Stock coils provide an average spark of average voltage for average performance, but average is a word that applies neither to you nor your vehicle. Get the high output spark you need with an MSD Performance Ignition Coil.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, or what American manufacturer makes it, we have the performance coil for you. GM, Ford, Chrysler Hemi: the MSD Performance Ignition Coil offers applications for all of them. Each coil is C.A.R.B.-approved, meaning you can install them whether for use on the track or on the street. More voltage is produced per coil thanks to better materials and winding ratios providing better combustion and more power. Installing to factory connectors, it is easy to get the increased spark energy at the higher rpm you and your vehicle are looking for.

You need a better spark, and you need it now. Find the higher output coil you are looking for with an MSD Performance Ignition Coil. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.