Wrap your vehicle with the Covercraft Polycotton Car Cover and protect it with the best of both worlds. This cover is made from both polyester for resistance to sunlight and moisture, and cotton fibers that are easy on your paint. For indoor or occasional outdoor use, this cover is the way to go.

Each Covercraft Polycotton Car Cover is custom-stitched to your exact vehicle to ensure a perfect fit. It's made with double-stitched seams that offer unbeatabe strength, and the breathable material lets moisture and heat evaporate from under the cover. The Covercraft Poly-Cotton material is also resistant to mildew and rot. Plus, elastic neoprene hems help hold the cover in place, and there are durable grommets for use with a tie-down or locking cable.

Guard your vehicle from indoor and light outdoor hazards with the versatile Covercraft Polycotton Car Cover. Backed by a 90-Day Warranty.