Mounting your gear on a rooftop cargo carrier or hitch-mount cargo basket is great for freeing up interior space, but what if it starts raining outside? Make sure your stuff stays dry and clean with a ROLA Expandable Cargo Bag. This bag securely mounts to your roof rack or hitch cargo carrier and shields your cargo from the elements.

Just like a piece of luggage, the ROLA Expandable Cargo Bag has an upper compartment that zips open for extra space when you need it - up to 15 cubic feet. It fits on cargo baskets and carriers up to 24" x 60" and includes six straps for secure mounting. Rain, snow, and road debris are no match for this bag's rainproof materials and sonically-sealed seams. Best yet, this bag boasts a sporty exterior style that's as ready to tackle the outdoors as you are.

Keep your cargo safe and dry with the weatherproof, versatile ROLA Expandable Cargo Bag.