Bungee cords work wonders for your bags and coolers when on a road trip. It just takes a lot of them to get a tight, perfect seal. The ROLA Flat Strap Cargo Net is made of interconnected bungee straps to provide one complete, all-encompassing cargo tie-down.

The material used in the ROLA Flat Strap Cargo Net strengthens as it expands and locks into place with molded hooks. These hooks resist corrosion and scratching, with wide enough openings to fit most racks and carriers. Designed to hold cargo securely without damaging sensitive areas, this cargo net works in perfect tandem with roof racks and hitch-mounted cargo carriers, protecting your bags and supplies with sturdy, secure strength.

Never again go to the hassle of constructing an elaborate series of bungee cords to protect your valuables while you travel. Use a ROLA Flat Strap Cargo Net, and know that the job will be taken care of. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.