A ratchet is a ratchet is a ratchet. Unless, of course, it's a Highland Max Grip Ratchet. These ratchets are designed to work effectively and even look great, too.

The secret to the Highland Max Grip Ratchet's high performance is its comfortable and sturdy handle. Max Grip Heavy Duty Ratchets sport a full open grip handle, while Super Duty applications have an extra large open grip handle. Any size hand fits comfortably, and soft grip handles increase your ability to operate it in any conditions. Every ratchet is made of unique cast aluminum that looks great and holds powerfully. Heavy Duty rathcets come as single ratchets or sets of 2 and 4, while Super Duty ratchets are only sold individually.

A Highland Max Grip Ratchet blends performance and high-style in an easy-to-use, practical system. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.