Your SUV's rear cargo area is the space that puts the "utility" in "Sport Utility Vehicle". Even so, it doesn't need to be destroyed by cargo. Keep dirt and debris from ruining your carpeting and upholstery with a Highland Cargo Guard.

It's easy to protect your floor, walls, and ceiling with this innovative cargo guard. The entire apparatus fits snugly inside your SUV's cargo area. No matter your SUV, this guard WILL fit. Hook and loop straps connect the guard to your interior, and a clear vinyl window allows full rearview visibility during use. The fold-down bumper guard protects your vehicle's exterior during loading and unloading, and when you remove the cargo guard following use, you'll be amazed how no moisture, dirt, or debris managed to soak through the Highland Cargo Guard's impermeable material.

You made an investment when you bought your SUV, and you need to protect it. Provide easily removable protection from your messiest cargo with the Highland Cargo Guard. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.