Commercial trucks are bigger and tougher because they, and you, work harder. These money-making rigs need maximum strength accessories fit for heavy use. They need Owens Commercial Running Boards.

Perfect for every truck in your work fleet, these running boards are made of .100 aluminum with a diamond tread and a 4" riser. Take it easy on your knees when getting in and out of your truck while simultaneously protecting its paint job. Choose between welded end caps (perfect for trucks with fender flares) or bolt-on stone guards and end caps, and decide whether or not you want star burst stepping grip. Owens Commercial Running Boards are designed to be exactly what you want, and to exactly fit your truck. Custom-sizing and custom mounting brackets ensure an easy installation and a wonderful, tight fit that will last.

Get the right-sized running boards for your large commercial truck. Protect yourself and protect your vehicle with Owens Commercial Running Boards. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.