When winter comes roaring back to your neighborhood, you need to be prepared. Transform your truck into a snow-removing dynamo with a Curtis Sno-Pro Home Pro 3000 Snow Plow.

Heavy-duty truck owners and commercial plowers can choose between the Sno-Pro 3000 Polymer and the Sno-Pro 3000 Steel plows. The choice of contractors and professionals, the Sno-Pro 3000 plows come with the widest push frames on the market for better blade stability and finely-calibrated attacking angles to scrape ice while plowing snow. Compact and light-duty truck owners will find the Sno-Pro Home Pro 3000 Snow Plow perfect for use around the house and neighborhood. This easy-to-use plow features a lightweight, super-slick corrosion-resistant polymer moldboard engineered for a perfect fit and finish.

Each Sno-Pro snow plow comes with a fast attaching hydraulic system that lets you remotely move the plow up/down and side/side. No matter what Sno-Pro snow plow you choose, it will come with a hidden hydraulic cavity and a jack stand for easy mounting. Better still, these Curtis Sno-Pro Snow Plows are built for long-lasting durability: steel and Home Pro plows feature reversible cutting edges to prolong blade life, while the Polymer blade relies on thick and slick exterior construction to stay strong while quickly dispatching of snow and ice. Every system includes with your plow, a lighting kit, a mounting kit, and the hydraulic plow controller.

Whatever size truck you have, Curtis has the right plow for you. Become a hero to your neighbors and ensure that everybody can continue to go about their business by investing in a Curtis Sno-Pro Home Pro 3000 Snow Plow. Backed by a 2-Year Warranty.

Note: It is required by law that your snow plow have working headlights. Add the Headlight Adapter to your cart to attach the included light kit to your rig's electrical system.