Your soft top Jeep Wrangler is a fun machine, but it's missing something: door tops. Provide a safe and secure mounting point for further soft top accessories by using the Bestop Door Surround Kit.

Connect new soft top covers and seal your doors shut with these door surrounds. Made from fiberglass-filled polypropylene, the pieces in this Bestop Door Surround Kit are built to last. Fully compatible with all OEM soft tops as well as the wide variety of Bestop covers, these door surrounds serve as the perfect mounting point for the Bestop Top Arch. Every kit comes with everything you'll need to use the system properly (driver and passenger side surrounds, 4 surround knobs), including a tailgate bar that allows you to open your rear hatch without unzipping any windows.

Finish off your system the right way so that you can get going sooner. Complete your soft top Wrangler roof system with a Bestop Door Surround Kit. Backed by a 2-Year Warranty.