There's no need for false modesty when discussing the Covercraft Weathershield HP Convertible Interior Cover. The "Weathershield" material was designed to offer the best protection for both indoor and outdoor use. 51 patents later, the folks at Covercraft can boast that they have done exactly that.

The Covercraft Weathershield HP Convertible Cover resists both water and UV rays while providing durable shelter against tree drippings and bird droppings. When stored indoors, this convertible top cover will protect against dust, pollutants, and airborne moisture. The breathable fabric used in these covers prevents the formation of mildew, rot, and mold, while allowing any heat or moisture trapped beneath the cover to dissipate through microscopic holes. The state-of-the-art fabric coloring won't fade and is environmentally friendly, while the cover itself is very easy to handle and clean. Available in 8 colors, it's no sweat to find a cover that perfectly fits both your needs and your personal style.

Provide best-in-class protection for your convertible's interior, whether stored indoors or out, when you use the Covercraft Weathershield HP Convertible Interior Cover. Backed bya 4-Year Warranty.