Storing your convertible indoors means you can leave the top down without worrying about rain or snow ruining its interior. It doesn't mean you're completely safe, though: dust, pollutants, and humidity can degrade your instrument panels and seats even when indoors. When it comes to these elements, you need the protection offered by the Covercraft Flannel Convertible Interior Cover.

Soft and gentle, this cover won't scratch or nick your vehicle's paint job. Favored by auto restorers and vintage enthusiasts, flannel covers maintain their integrity and shield your vehicle's interior with a delicate touch. Heavier than the average polycotton cover, the Covercraft Flannel Convertible Interior Cover is designed to hold up over years of use. These covers resist mold and mildew, and they're easy to fold and store.

Go ahead and store your convertible with the top down. Just make sure to also use the Covercraft Flannel Convertible Interior Cover to keep everything in tip-top shape. Backed by a 90-Day Warranty.