It's a real pain to get into your truck after it sits in the sun only to find your seats hot to the touch and the air thick and heavy. Keep the sun out, protect your cab from fade, and protect yourself from burning seats, all at an affordable price with the Covercraft Polycotton Cab Cooler.

Custom-designed to fit your truck or SUV, these truck cab coolers will fit snugly over your windows and roof. Attaching via hook-and-loop fasteners that connect to your side view mirrors or door handles, depending on each application, your Covercraft Polycotton Cab Cooler will block UV rays from entering your cabin and prevent heat from building up in your cab. Each cover's breathable fabric allows moisture to evaporate and heat to dissipate until it's time to drive again.

Don't let your truck's cockpit turn into an oven, and don't break the bank in the process. Pick up the affordable option to protect your truck from the sun when not in use with the Covercraft Polycotton Cab Cooler. Backed by a 90-Day Warranty.