The average folding tonneau cover gives you access to your protected cargo via a fold-up back panel. The Extang Encore Tonneau Cover takes that one step further: it offers you cab-side, front-panel access, too.

You read that correctly. This is a folding tonneau cover split into three sections that offers length of these covers for consistency over repeated uses.both front and rear truck bed access when in use. Heavy-duty locks and latches keep everything in place during use, while convenient rotary locks and twisting panel locks make it simple to get to your cargo. Wider openings allow for greater access than standard sizes, and the Encore Tonneau Cover uses an advanced integrated sealing system and rubber corner guards to protect your covered cargo from rain and snow. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic panels deflect UV rays for the ultimate in fading and overheating protection, and durable aluminum hinges span the length of these covers to ensure consistency over repeated use.

Easy to use and easy to install or remove, the Extang Encore Tonneau Cover offers a series of benefits previously unseen in folding tonneau covers. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.