Everything about your lifted truck looks cooler than cool. Except, of course, that unfinished back wheel well. Fill it in and protect your undercarriage's rear components with a Rugged Liner Rear Wheel Well Inner Liner.

The perfect accessory for lifted trucks, these wheel well liners fit into the area immediately above and behind your truck's rear wheels. All-black, these liners lend a handsome finished look to your rear wheels that perfectly hides your components. Better still, Rugged Liner Rear Wheel Well Inner Liners protect those components from hazards like rocks, dirt, precipitation, salt, and other road debris. Installation is easy, taking anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes and able to be accomplished with a variety of household tools.

Protect the shocks and springs in which you've invested so much time and money. Keep your truck looking good, too, with Rugged Liner Rear Wheel Well Inner Liners. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.