There's nothing worse than hooking up your tonneau cover and loving the way it works, only to have it be damaged by a rogue gust of wind. Don't take any chances with your new tonneau cover and the protection it provides by making sure it's a Rugged Premium Folding Tonneau Cover.

Durable vinyl construction means this tonneau cover does the job and then some. Better still, these tonneau covers feature a safety strap on each cabside section that provides double the protection against accidental blow off. A patented clamping system holds the Rugged Premium Folding Tonneau Cover in place during use, and absolutely zero assembly is required for installation: it's ready to go right out of the box! You can drive your truck both when this cover is opened and when it's closed, and no drilling or modification is required for installation. Latch it on, fasten the security straps, lock your tailgate, and you'll have all the protection and security you can handle.

There's no need to risk damaging something as important to your truck as its tonneau cover. Ensure your tonneau stays where it is supposed to be by picking up the Rugged Premium Folding Tonneau Cover. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.