You need a gooseneck hitch to haul your camper along on your next road trip, but you don't want to always give up full use of your truck bed to get it. Thanks to the Curt Underbed Folding Gooseneck Hitch, you won't have to.

With this folding ball gooseneck hitch, you'll enjoy truck bed versatility not possible with standard, rigid goosenecks. The hitch ball on the Curt Underbed Folding Gooseneck Hitch tucks away beneath your truck bed, under a hard and flat cover that protects it from your cargo and vice versa. When you need it, your gooseneck hitch ball pops up from its hiding spot, ready to go. Rated 30,000/6,000 lbs. GTW/TW, safety chain hook-ups are built into this gooseneck's top panel, meaning you'll have everything you need to get going faster. All the materials necessary to install the innovative Curt Underbed folding gooseneck below your truck bed are included with purchase. Rest assured, while some assembly is required for installation, you won't have to drill into your frame to do so. As a final nod to durability, the hitch and installation kit are finished with Black Powder Coat to prevent rust and corrosion.

A standard gooseneck sits up in the middle of your truck bed whether you need it or not. A folding ball gooseneck like the Curt Underbed Folding Gooseneck Hitch ducks out of the way when not in use, allowing full access to your truck bed. Backed by a 7-Year Warranty.