The rear cargo area of your van or SUV is where you put boxes and pets and anything else that doesn't fit up front in the passenger compartment. As such, it can get messy quickly. Make sure it stays clean and protected with a Coverking Velocitex Cargo Liner.

The Velocitex doesn't just protect the floor of your cargo area: it protects the entire area, from the tops of your back seats to the area's side paneling and then folding over the bumper. Heavy-duty vinyl Velocitex fabric is impenetrable, keeping anything unfortunate that happens localized atop the liner until it can be removed for cleaning. Ideal for the messiest cargo and awkward larger loads, the Coverking Velocitex Cargo Liner ensures that everything that can be protected from damage is, maintaining your vehicle's resale value.

Don't leave you vehicle's general cleanliness and value to chance. Provide the right level of protection for your rear cargo area with the Coverking Velocitex Cargo Liner. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.