Tonneau covers usually fit into one of a few strictly-defined categories: hard top, rollup, soft, retractable. Instead of appealing to only one of these, the BAK Roll-X Rollup Hard Tonneau Cover is a hard top bed cover that also rolls up, an unprecedented combination of strength and convenience for your truck bed.

A revolution (or is it evolution?) in design and technology, the Roll-X brings together these disparate aspects without sacrificing the benefits of either. When fully extended atop your truck bed and clamped into place, a locked tailgate completely secures your cargo from both weather and thieves. Each BAK Roll-X Rollup Hard Tonneau Cover comes custom-designed to fit your specific truck, and each cover can hold up to 400 lbs. of cargo atop it, making it a great cover for customers from snowy winter climates.

The secret to this tonneau's success is its flexible, versatile construction. Weighing in at around 45 lbs., the Roll-X is easy to handle upon delivery and takes only minutes, and one 9/16" wrench, to install. Once installed, vinyl-coated aluminum slats unroll into the exact coverage you want. 10%, 25%, 50%, even 100% of it can be open at any one time, as easily as it installed, with no cab-side canister hogging any room.

It's a pleasant surprise when something truly revolutionary comes along and makes your life easier. Such is the case with the BAK Roll-X Rollup Hard Tonneau Cover. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.