An adjustment here, a tweak there, and your racer will be ready to take the checkered flag. Set up your engine with the perfect tune for your driving style with an AEM Plug and Play EMS.

That means "Engine Management System", and this is one EMS that goes the extra mile for you. Simple to install and a breeeze to use, this system allows you to create a base map and use it to manipulate data in ways great and small. Calibrate your timing pattern, improve fuel injection, control boost, set rev limits and perform a bunch of other tasks that improve engine performance based on the data your new AEM Plug and Play EMS provides. The Windows-compatible software used with this system is fully-customizable and password protected, as well as able to notify you when you're using it incorrectly. Innovative but easy-to-use, this EMS takes much of the guesswork out of tuning your vehicle, allowing you to focus on getting your tune exactly how you want it for the best racing results.

It doesn't need to be confusing or difficult to log data from your engine in the name of a better tune. When you use the AEM Plug and Play EMS, it won't be. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.