Your driving and off-road lights won’t do you any good if they don’t work. Ensure sterling performance by investing in a durable Hella 500 Series Light Kit.

Every pair of available lights has been tested and re-tested to guarantee optimal performance in extreme circumstances. Protective stone shields guard against kicked-up debris, and shockproof ABS housing protects against the rigors of the road. Each Hella 500 Series Light Kit is lightweight and easy-to-mount, and all light bulbs are either extra-bright 12V/55W H3 halogens. A variety of additional accessories are available with the Hella 500 Pro Light Kit, and innovative Hella 500 Black Magic lights offer a blacked-out look when not in use and full brightness when switched on.

Your off-road lights are of no use to you if they break easily. Trust a Hella 500 Series Light Kit to work every time you need it. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.