Not every vehicle’s front end can handle large, bulky driving or fog lights. A Hella FF75 Series Light Kit provides you with the perfectly-sized rectangular lights to fit into the tightest spots on your ride.

The secret to these lights’ success comes from magnesium bulbs that prevent warping and melting that can sometimes result from overheating. Hella’s Free Form technology perfectly matches these bulbs with reflectors that maximize their output in the safest, most efficient way possible for a bright, excellent shine. With lenses available in DOT-approved clear or blue, you can count on a Hella FF75 Series Light Kit to provide the additional driving or fog lamp shine your vehicle needs for optimal visibility. Every kit comes with the necessary mounting, wiring, and installation hardware, including two lamps and two H7 bulbs, for an easy installation.

The right size lights can make a difference when it comes to your visibility at nighttime and in inclement weather. Find that perfect size for your vehicle with a Hella FF75 Series Light Kit. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.