Your truck's factory tune is designed to deliver average performance for expectations that run right down the middle. If you expect more from yourself and your truck, then you need an Edge Evo HT Tuner.

By simply and effectively accessing your vehicle's stock tune through its OBD-II port, this tuner allows you to manipulate your engine's parameters in the name of greater performance. Whether you need better gas mileage, more towing power, or simply more speed and quicker timing, this performance tuner is on the case. It also allows you to scan and clear diagnostic codes, as well as adjusting shift points and setting fan temperatures. The Edge Evo HT Tuner can lead to gains of up to 150 hp for diesel engines and 50 hp for gas, as it allows you to set the perfect tune for your particular performance needs. When you use this tuner, also be sure to check the Internet for new tunes in the name of more current system upgrades.

However you want your engine to work is exactly how it should. Find the perfect tune for your truck or SUV with the Edge Evo HT Tuner. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.