Edge Juice, with an Attitude monitor, has been one of the best performance module/monitor combinations in the industry for a number of years. So long, in fact, that it might be time for you to update your system. Enjoy full color presentation with an Edge Attitude CS or CTS Upgrade Kit.

Everything you can do with your original Attitude monitor can be accomplished with this system, although now you'll enjoy either a color screen (CS) or color touch screen (CTS). Whichever you'd prefer, an Edge Attitude CS or CTS Upgrade Kit allows you to keep track of 8 different engine parameters (depending on your vehicle) after easily installing directly to your Juice module. Your new Attitude monitor's MyStyle software can be regularly updated over the Internt, and you can also set alerts to prevent overheating.

Out with the old, and in with the new! Update your system with cutting-edge technology when thanks to the Edge Attitude CS or CTS Upgrade Kit. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

Note: Edge Attitude performance monitors are designed to be used with Edge Performance Modules. They will not re-tune, re-program, or increase the power of your engine.