One of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful tow is have the proper lighting on your trailer. If the trailer doesn't have the lights it needs, set up a couple Curt Towing Lights to avoid any unfortunate mistakes.

Two bright 12V auxiliary brake lights will do the job of lighting up your trailer for other drivers to see. Your Curt Towing Lights won't damage the trailer, either, thanks to non-scratch magnetic bases. A four-way splitter that connects to your vehicle's towing outlet is included with every set of lights, as is 20 feet of cord along with a heavy-duty storage and carrying case. Setting up these lights could not be easier, getting you on your way faster and, more importantly, safer.

Don't take an unnecessary chance because you don't have the lights you need. Make sure everything is ready to go with Curt Towing Lights.