No one enjoys the worry that comes with using an old, rattling receiver pin over the course of a long ride. Make your drive as smooth as possible and guarantee safe travels for your equipment with a Trimax Anti-Rattle Locking Pin.

This 5/8" hitch pin is made of hardened steel and fits all 2" Class III, IV, and V trailer hitch receivers. Secure your camper or boat to your hitch with a Trimax Anti-Rattle Locking Pin and be confident that it won't shake loose, bounce around, bend, or break en route. Better still, upon arrival this trailer hitch pin resists any covert attempts to dislodge or drill it out, while its basic construction keeps out harmful natural elements like water, dirt, and grime. A chrome finish adds to its overall presentation, and hooking it up is a breeze.

Make sure your ride is quiet and your trailer, camper, or boat is safe. The final piece of your system's puzzle is the Trimax Anti-Rattle Locking Pin. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.