There are certain places within your vehicle's towing system where you might get away with taking a chance, but your receiver's locking pin isn't one of them. Guarantee everything is sturdily connected for safe transport with a Trimax Receiver Locking Pin.

It's easy to get the perfect locking pin for your system. A wide variety of sizes to fit Class II, III, IV, and V hitches are available to choose from. Every Trimax Receiver Locking Pin is made of hardened steel and designed to resist bending and breaking, not to mention weather and the bad intentions of thieves. Everything is up to you: whether you prefer standard locking pins or combination locks, the right one for you is available here. Easy to use and designed to prevent false locking, it's no sweat to outfit your towing system with the strongest locking pins on the market today.

Don't worry about what is supposed to work for your system. Tie everything together with something designed specifically for you thanks to the Trimax Receiver Locking Pin. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.