When traveling with other off-road enthusiasts through the backcountry, dust and dirt can get into and damage your engine. Defend against an expensive clean-up job by preventing it from happening with an ARB Safari Snorkel.

These snorkels also protect your engine compartment from flooding during a river crossing. These devices change your air intake point to begin on the side of your vehicle and extend over and above your roof. In doing so, an ARB Safari Snorkel prevents dirt, dust, and water from potentially harming your engine. A high-flow duct ensures that your vehicle's intake will surpass that of your factory system, and UV-stable polyethylene construction pairs with Stainless Steel hardware to ensure durable constitution that lasts.

Make sure that your truck or SUV is ready for the way that you intend to drive it. Keep damaging natural elements from getting into your engine by hooking your ride up with an ARB Safari Snorkel.