Many bike racks promise to form a secure mount with your vehicle's back end, but few can guarantee it. The Thule Raceway Trunk Bike Rack, on the other hand, delivers the tightest, most secure mount available for your bikes.

A brand-new design locks these trunk mount bike racks into place with a strength not previously possible. The Thule FitDial tie down system combines with new SureTight adjustment cables for a vise-like grip on your vehicle's trunk. Whether you pick up a 2- or 3-bike rack, your cycles won't jostle or move during transport thanks to two-stage anti-sway cages holding things in place at multiple spots on each bike. Soft molded rubber edges on every side of the Thule Raceway Trunk Bike Rack protect your vehicle's paint job from damage during use, and extra-strength locking cables protect your bikes against thieves.

Every once in a while, design takes a great leap forward. The Thule Raceway Trunk Bike Rack represents just such innovation for trunk-mounted bike racks. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.