Deciding to purchase fender flares for your truck is only the first step. If you're looking for flares that won't fade while protecting and adding style to your rig, then you need EGR Rugged Look Fender Flares.

Thicker and more resilient than other EGR fender flares, these tough acrylic accessories feature an extra layer of UV-resistant coating to prevent fading over time. Their wide size and custom design provides sure-fitting protection against road grime and stray debris that might ruin your paint job. It's a breeze to install your EGR Rugged Look Fender Flares thanks to double-sided vehicle adhesive guaranteed not to wear off over years of use. Better still, these tough EGR flares come in a Black finish that looks great with any truck's color scheme.

When it's time to pick up fender flares for your truck, it's time to decide on the right style for you. EGR Rugged Look Fender Flares give you burly style guaranteed to stay put. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.