Nothing ruins a nice long drive with the windows down quite like that wind roaring into your open window. EGR SlimLine Window Visors keep it outside your car where it belongs, so you can enjoy hassle-free fresh air.

EGR Slim Line wind deflectors are perfect for people who need fresh air and love driving with the windows down. These durable acrylic visors are easily affixed to the outside of your vehicle just above the window channel with 3M vehicle adhesive that won't melt or fade over time. Once installed, EGR SlimLine Window Visors keep wind and rain from getting into your open window thanks to custom-molded, computer-engineered design. Their Dark Smoke color scheme adds a great look to your vehicle, as well, making these easy-to-install rain guards a fantastic and versatile addition to any car, truck, or SUV.

Don't let the weather ruin a perfectly good drive. Get all the fresh air you need and none of the aggravation with EGR SlimLine Window Visors. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.