Not all tie down needs fit the standard, one-in-each-corner stake pocket configuration of most trucks and trailers. Give yourself options with an adjustable Core Trax Tie Down Kit.

Each set of Core tie down tracks features a low-profile design to make placement as easy as possible. Without taking away from your truck or trailer's factory style lines, a Core Trax Tie Down Kit gives you multiple anchor point options so you can change up your configuration as needed. Locking increments pop up in 1" intervals along each track, 3 sizes of which are available to fit your particular needs. Each kit includes two tracks and four tie downs, and all mounting hardware is included for a simple installation requiring only mild to moderate drilling into your vehicle or trailer.

Not all cargo-hauling needs are created equal. Get the right size for yours with a Core Trax Tie Down Kit. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.