A little extra style goes a long, long way. Bring out the best in your Hummer or Range Rover with a DefenderWorx Billet Grille.

These handsome grilles are custom-made from aircraft-grade billet aluminum via a CNC-machining process that guarantees a perfect fit. Depending on your vehicle, mulitple DefenderWorx Billet Grille options are available to get the exact look you want for your vehicle. Chrome-plating adds substantial extra shine to these Range Rover and Hummer grilles while also beefing up protection against corrosion and rust. A breeze to install, these chrome grilles upgrade your ride's front end looks with an unmistakable shine guaranteed to stand out.

Make sure your ride always puts its best face forward. A DefenderWorx Billet Grille takes your SUV's style into the stratosphere. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty.