Your truck is one hard working machine, but it could probably use a little bit of help in the style department. One way to dress up your truck bed is to fortify the sides with a set of bed rails - and with Putco Crossrail Bed Rails, you can give your truck that extra bit of shine that makes it stand out from the pack.

The key to Putco Crossrail Bed Rails' top-notch looks is their all-stainless steel construction. Putco's very own NeveRust steel is specially formulated to fight rust and slow the onset of corrosion. Plus, every Crossrail Bed Rail is highly polished to an eye-catching shine.

Putco Crossrails aren't just for good looks, either - their die-cast tie-downs help you securely anchor your larger cargo, giving you extra function as well as form. Plus, they're simple to install. Every piece of hardware is included, so in just minutes you can bolt the rails to your truck's stake pockets, with no drilling required.

Dress up your truck, and make it work for you, with Putco Crossrail Bed Rails. Backed with a Lifetime Warranty.