Gain highly responsive control over your trailer and towing rig with the Curt Triflex Brake Controller. This compact trailer brake controller may fit into a tiny package, but it gives you smooth stopping and better peace of mind, even if you're pulling a huge heavy trailer. Plus, it's designed for simple installation and use, so you can keep your focus on the road.

The Curt Triflex Trailer Brake Controller features triple-axis motion sensing, which provides smooth and highly responsive stops. Its automatic calibration and leveling make for a simple plug-and-play, with no setup required. Speaking of automatic, the Curt Triflex self-adjusts the brake output to compensate when you're going up or down a hill. The braking sensitivity is also adjustable, so you can fine tune it to suit changing trailer loads or varying driving conditions.

Maximize your towing safety and comfort with the Curt Triflex Brake Controller. It's compatible with your cruise control and anti-lock brakes, includes all the mounting hardware you need, and is backed with Curt Manufacturing's Lifetime Warranty.