Snow Plows can end up costing an arm and a leg if you don't know what you need. Get everything and then some in a high-quality, affordable plow for personal and modest commercial use with a K2 Snow Plow.

Three different plow sizes are available, depending on the jobs you'll have lined up. The K2 Rampage is a great plow for use around your house or farm, the K2 Storm suits neighborhood and small business use, and the K2 Everest is fantastic for larger commercial jobs like parking lots and alleys (includes a winch remote). Whichever K2 Snow Plow you use, it will fit any 2" Class III front or rear hitch mount (sold separately) and easily install thanks to an innovative locking system. Your K2 plow is easy to remove, as well, and every purchase includes a wide variety of accessories to complete your setup in the most useful manner possible. Raise and lower this plow with an electronic remote winch that wires through your driver's side window, or upgrade further to a Wireless Remote and keep that window closed!

Don't take out a mortgage just to get a great plow on the front of your ride. A K2 Snow Plow is a wonderful tool guaranteed to get your jobs done this winter. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

Installation Video