The addition of a truck toolbox changes the game for your pickup. Go one step further and ensure total cargo protection, no matter what you need to haul, with an Extang Solid Fold Tool Box Tonneau Cover. 

These custom-designed toolbox truck bed covers work with standard toolboxes to provide a wealth of defense against weather, damage, and theft. The L-Channel design at the head of the Extang Solid Fold Tool Box Tonneau Cover bridges the gap between it and your box, preventing anything from getting in or out. Each hinge between the aluminum panels runs precipitation off the top of the cover and away from your cargo, while those same panels' honeycomb core ensures a super-strong construction up to any challenge. Latches and clamps make for an easy attachment (with no drilling required) as well as a simple open-and-close, and this tonneau's Poly-Tex finish resists UV rays. Rest assured: this thing does not mess around!

Having a toolbox does not automatically doom you to an unprotected truck bed. The Extang Solid Fold Tool Box Tonneau Cover goes above and beyond for your truck and its cargo. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty.