When your bushings and mounts start to lose potency, your handling suffers as a result. Whether you need to replace worn out performance parts or massively upgrade from your stock components, you need an Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex Bushing Kit.

The secret to these suspension components' success is the Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex construction material. This innovative performance polyurethane arose after twenty years of testing, and they feel they've found the right mixture of firmness and long-term durability to ensure your suspension mounts and bushings give you the handling and control you need. Whether for your high-performance racer or daily driver, the Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex Bushing Kit improves the experience of being behind the wheel.

Even better, these bushing & mount kits are completely custom-designed for your car, truck, or SUV. A new Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex Bushing Kit restores your worn out suspension components to bring back the tight, confident handling you want. You can even choose Red or Black components to compliment your personal style. The next time you put the pedal down coming around that curve, you will notice the difference, and love it.

You need to upgrade your suspension with a product you can trust. Thankfully, an Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex Bushing Kit allows you to do exactly that.