Bestop took running board design to the next level with their automatic, motorized PowerBoard Running Boards. Now they've made it even better with the next-generation PowerBoard NX.

The key to Bestop PowerBoard NX Running Boards is their wireless sensors. These sensors make the system far easier to wire up - simply place the sensors in the door jambs, hook the board motors up to your battery, and you're ready to go. Because these sensors communicate with the boards on their own, you don't have to tap into your vehicle's wiring. That means no hassles, no risk of crossed wires, and no voiding of your truck's warranty.

Aside from all this high-tech convenience, Bestop PowerBoards are also built tough enough to handle just about anything. The 6.25" wide boards are plenty wide for even the biggest boots, and they're topped with a tough non-slip powdercoated surface for sure footing in any weather.

Get the easiest-to-install powered running board out there, and get back onto the road in no time. The Bestop PowerBoard NX is backed with a 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty.