If you're looking for a way to clear snow off your driveway, you don't need to drop a ton of cash on a bulky, complex motorized plow that's suited for municipal use. Simple, lightweight, and affordable are the qualities you need in a plow - and with the SnowSport LT, that's exactly what you'll get:

Simple - The SnowSport LT attaches to your front end with an included front receiver hitch and a heavy-duty push frame. To operate, simply pull the pins securing the blade, lower it down, and drive. No hydraulics, no motors, and no wiring.

Lightweight - At only 56 pounds, the Snow Sport LT Plow is a breeze to engage and secure. This light blade won't drastically throw off your truck's weight balance, so you don't need to worry about your suspension and handling.

Affordable - Thanks to the simple design and manual hardware, the LT is a far more economical solution than huge, expensive powered plows.

With a 7-foot blade, the SnowSport LT leaves a wide path of snow-free road in its wake. Its durable rubber cutting edge protects the ground under it and makes the plow suitable for everything from concrete and asphalt to gravel and grass. It includes everything you need for a complete installation, and comes backed with a 1-Year Warranty on the plow and a 3-Year Warranty on the rubber cutting edge.