Banks High-Ram Intake Manifold

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Product Details

  • The Banks High-Ram Intake Manifold provides less restrictions for higher airflow
  • Improves your diesel vehicle's fuel efficiency and acceleration
  • Super strong cast-metal construction
  • Boost Tube included for select vehicles
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • It's common knowledge that more oxygen means more combustion. To get the power you crave, feed maximum air into your engine with the Banks High-Ram Intake Manifold. The Banks High-Ram provides a wide open channel for dense air to pump into your cylinders, boosting acceleration, power, and fuel efficiency.

    Your cramped, restrictive stock intake wastes a lot of the dense air your intercooler supplies, cutting down your power and performance. With the Banks High-Ram, that cool dense air travels more freely into your cylinders for maximum combustion and power. Plus, it's designed specifically for maximum performance on your exact year, make, and model diesel truck.

    Your Banks High-Ram Intake is built tough, with a cast-metal construction and durable finish, and is backed with a 5 Year Warranty.