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S&B Air Intake Systems

When you open up your engine's airflow with an S&B air intake, you also open up its power potential. S&B relies on extensive research and design to ensure optimized air flow, which makes for amazing increases in power and torque. These systems also include a high-performance air filter to keep your oxygen supply pure and clean. Best yet, ordering an S&B intake takes just a few clicks at AutoAccessoriesGarage.com.


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S&B Cold Air Intake System
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About S&B Filters Air Intake Systems

Anyone can take a piece of tubing, put a clamp on one end and a piece of gauze on the other, and call it an intake. S&B Air intakes, on the other hand, are painstakingly engineered to optimize the air flow into your engine. This means you'll experience real power boosts and efficiency gains. Don't let your engine suffer with a stock intake any longer - pickup an S&B performance intake today, and save at AAG.

S&B Filters Air Intake Systems Reviews

Danny B from Anaheim, CA wrote:

Filter was fairly easy to install and the directions were a bit vague, but manageable. I noticed a slight increase in low end acceleration and it feels as though it takes less on the pedal to maintain speed when cruising. I haven't filled up since the install but this tank seems to be about a .5 increase in MPG. Overall I am happy with the purchase and I am looking forward to adding an exhaust and a tune down the road. Read more S&B Cold Air Intake System customer reviews.

James M from Parkville, MO says:

Just installed cool intake today 01/21/18 so I don't know how much if any difference it is going to make. Installation was relatively fast and easy. In my opinion the air box does not fit the fender well tight like it should even with the rubber boot spacer installed. The rubber grommet air box cover is cheap and a little cumbersome to install. The clear plastic view lens I believe is a little to small also. My 2018 Duramax had a small dust or vent box I had to remove. Was not a big deal but was nothing in the installation instructions regarding it needing to be removed.

Stephen P M from Alamo, CA wrote:

First, the quality of the materials are excellent and the appearance is fantastic. The installation took a bit longer than I expected but that was due to what I think is a problem with the intake box to turbo unit snorkel. I had to manipulate the snorkel pieces quite a bit and leave all hose clamps slightly snug, just tight enough to be able to move the snorkel parts, but still maintain a pressure to keep them from slipping of the adjacent pieces. This problem could have been solved by designing "just one" of the snorkel pieces with an additional 1" of material. The shape of the snorkel is "oval" and similar to stock and I wonder if airflow might be better with a round tube. The intake definitely works and got rid of the initial turbo hesitation I use to experience when I first stepped on the throttle. The acceleration seems a bit smoother, but I didn't notice any faster acceleration. That doesn't mean there isn't any acceleration difference, it just means I didn't notice any. There isn't any huge increase in the turbo noise and I just hear a slight turbo whine momentarily during acceleration at lower RPMs. I did not notice an increase in MPG, but only have driven about 300 miles since the install.

James G from West Columbia, SC said:

Instructions were clear. Installation was a snap. Someone really thought out this installation. Still early but seem to have picked up about .5 mpg. Truck seems more responsive under acceleration. I would recommend this product.

Brian W from Montrose, CO said:

East to install: simple directions and works as advertised! I'm very happy with this purchase and have seen a 2-3 mpg increase.

Beau G from Dayton, TN says:

Great product, fast shipping. Install was a breeze.





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