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Griot's Garage Finest Micro Fiber Towel Set

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  • Griot's Garage Finest Micro Fiber Towel Set contains 7 types of high-quality microfiber cloth
  • All towels are made with microfiber technology, perfect for pampering your vehicle
  • Towels are machine washable and designed to withstand years of use
  • Set includes 21 towels:
    • 4 Micro Fiber Window Cloths
    • 4 Interior Micro Fiber Towels
    • 3 Polish Removal Cloths
    • 3 Speed Shine Towels
    • 3 Spray-On Car Wash Cloths
    • 3 Wax Removal Cloths
    • 1 Micro Fiber Drying Towel
  • Lifetime Guarantee against defects

If you take pride in how your vehicle looks, you know that the old cotton towel hanging in your garage isn't going to cut it. When it comes time to dry your car after a meticulous washing, look no further than this Micro Fiber Towel Set from Griot's Garage. The set contains 21 towels - in 7 different types - perfect for drying any type of surface on your car. Each cloth type is color-coded so you're always matching the right towel to the job. 

Every towel is made from the softest high-quality micro fiber, which is easy on your finish and ensures a scratch-free shine without scuffs or cloudiness. As you buff your car to a sparkle, rest easy knowing that Griot's Speed Shine Towels are specially designed to capture dirt and foreign objects securely as to prevent streaks and swirls. Need a towel that can pick up oils from your windows and mirrors? One of the included 4 Micro Fiber Windows Cloths should do the trick. How about a towel dedicated to quickly drying your vehicle without streaks? You'll love the extra-large and extra-absorbent Microfiber Drying Towel complete with Waffle-Woven Microfiber. The towel's sewn-in hand pockets allow for maximum control and ensure you won't miss a spot.

Ditch those cheap, rough towels and clean your car the right way. Don't risk damage to your vehicle - arm yourself with the Griot's Garage Finest Microfiber Towel Set and keep your ride sparkling. Backed with a Lifetime Guarantee against defects.