Auto Detailing Products


About Auto Detailing Products

Pamper your ride and keep it pristine with our Auto Detailing Products. From air fresheners to tire cleaners, these formulas and kits offer everything you need to maintain or restore your vehicle's show-ready looks. We also offer a variety of towels and tools that get the job done right, all at the best prices around.

You take pride in your vehicle. Whether you're a daily driver, a high-power performance enthusiast, or a car show trophy-chaser, your exterior and interior looks are an essential part of the driving experience. It takes a lot of hard work to maintain, but with the right tools and the right supplies you can keep any ride looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Preserve your ride's looks, and maintain its resale value, with our Auto Detailing Products and Kits.

Before you get started, you need the right auto cleaning solutions and car waxes. Specially-designed car wash soaps and solutions let you defeat the dust and grime that bulid up on even the most carefully stored vehicles, and our wheel cleaners restore their like-new shine. Finish the job with our car waxes and tire cleaners for a long-lasting shine.

The interior of your vehicle is just as important. We carry a full line of interior detailing kits and formulas that let your car look great inside and out. Use carpet cleaners, upholstery shampoos, and leather care kits to beat stains and defeat odors. With our glass cleaners and vinyl protectants you can keep your windows clear and restore your trim's original shine.

You also need the right tools to complete your auto detailing tasks. With supplies like cleaning cloths, buffer pads, and portable vacuums, you can apply cleaning solutions and waxes the right way and reach every little corner and curve on your vehicle. It's with these tools that you can get professional results, without leaving your driveway.

Make the most of your vehicle's style and maintain its pristine looks with Car Detailing Products & Kits from AutoAccessoriesGarage.