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Brake Bleeders & Fluid Evacuators

Your brake and clutch systems require unique tools to maintain their fluids and performance. Our Vacuum Brake Bleeders give you an economic, clean way to remove old fluid and trapped air from your vehicle's hydraulic systems. Each Brake Bleeder Vacuum Pump is designed for one-person operation - no need to call your neighbor over every time you need to work on your brakes. Plus, all of our Brake Bleeder Kits include a huge collection of adapters and fittings that make them versatile enough for any job, and you can even use some to perform a variety of diagnostic tests.
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Mityvac Tune-Up & Brake Bleeding Kit

The Mityvac Tune-Up & Brake Bleeding Kit includes the popular Selecline hand vacuum pump, a vacuum gauge, and a variety of tubes and adapters. The pump's one-finger operation and ergonomic design make it easy to test your vehicle's vacuum systems and bleed your fluids. The pump can be used to diagnose problems in your engine and help you perform a number of maintenance tasks.

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Mityvac Vacuum Brake Bleeder

The Mityvac Vacuum Brake Bleeder is the compact and powerful way to achieve quick and clean brake bleeding. This pro-grade brake bleeder takes up to 2 quarts per minute and is simple to use. With the optional Clamp-On Auto Refill Kit you can replenish your master cylinder as you bleed it, so you can knock out two jobs at once.

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Mityvac Fluid Evacuator

Mityvac Fluid Evacuators are equipped with manual pump operation, so you don't need electricity or an air compressor. This makes them perfect for on-the-go evacuation and for vehicles like ATVs, RVs, and farm equipment. Choose from the Fluid Evacuator or the Fluid Evacuator Plus, which instantly changes from vacuum to pressure for easy fluid filling or disposal.

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Mityvac Silverline Elite Hand Vacuum Pump Kit

The Mityvac Silverline Vacuum Pump Kit lets you perform hundreds of tests on your vehicle, as well as one-person brake bleeding. The ergonomically-designed SIlverline Hand Vacuum Pump features one-finger vacuum/pressure release and an accurate pressure/vacuum gauge. The kit includes a wide array of adapters, plugs, and tubes, as well as a handy custom-molded storage case.

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