Hawk Blue 42 Brake Pads

6075 CMf
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Product Details

  • Be the first to that checkered flag with a set of Hawk Blue 42 Brake Pads
  • Medium torque – perfect for rally, road, or circle track racing
  • Advanced Dynamic Torque Control (DTC) provides superior release and control
  • Specifically designed to stand up under extreme racing conditions
  • Ultra-wide operating range of 100° to 1000° with an optimum range of 250° to 700°
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • When you’re out on the track giving it your all, you and your machine need every edge you can get. You need a medium torque brake pad that has been specifically designed for road, rally, and circle track racing. Brakes with an advanced DTC (Dynamic Torque Control) can be the critical difference in a photo finish, and that’s exactly what you get with Hawk Blue 42 Brake Pads.

    Hawk’s MRS (Mechanical Bond Retention System) features hundreds of tiny extruded hooks which are molded directly into the material for unrivaled friction. Not only does this method increase the sheer strength and bonding capacity of your Hawk Blue 42 Brake Pads, it also reduces pad edge lift and delimitation. These brakes are truly designed to stand up to the harsh trials and tribulations of a racer.

    The remarkably wide operating range stretches from 100°F all the way up to 1,000° - with the optimal range of 250° to 700°. These pads are sold in sets for your front and rear and come backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.