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As Sir Isaac Newton famously said, every action requires an equal and opposite reaction. In automotive terms, that means to counteract the inertia of your vehicle, your best bet is to install some performance brake pads and rotors from These brake parts feature hi-tech designs and tough materials that enhance your vehicle's stopping power. We carry only the most trusted brake manufacturers, and with our customer-written brake reviews you can get real-world reports before you buy.

The most important element of safe driving, whether you're racing your vehicle on the track or driving your kids to school, is a set of Brakes you can trust. The stopping power provided by these brakes puts you in total control of your vehicle, no matter how you drive, and that control means you can drive more safely and more confidently. If your brakes are worn out, or if you're looking to upgrade your whole system, you are definitely in the right place.

Auto Accessories Garage is your one-stop shop for high-performance gear. Our performance brake pads and rotors are made by top brands like EBC, Power Slot, Power Stop, and Hawk, and they all give you the stopping power, safety, and longevity even the most demanding racers need. Whether you're an everyday driver looking for the added safety of Ford Ranger Brakes or a race enthusiast who needs to keep a handle on the extra horsepower with Honda Civic Brakes, we have the right brake pads and rotors for you.

Every one of these Pads, Rotors, and Kits is designed specifically for your make, model, and year vehicle. This ensures not only the best possible fit and a straightforward replacement installation, but also total compatibility with your other stock brake parts and optimized performance. Several pad materials are available, including ceramic, steel-carbon, ferro-carbon, and non-ferrous compounds.

The same goes for your rotors - these discs are available in performance-enhancing slotted and cross-drilled designs, which keep the friction surface cleaner and cooler for better friction. We even offer cryogenically-treated rotors, which are frozen to an extremely low temperature during manufacturing to re-align and strengthen the steel molecules. The results - shorter stopping distances, more consistent performance, and minimized brake fade.

Our brake selection doesn't just stop at rotors and pads. We also offer stainless steel brake lines, which tighten up your pedal response and offer higher strength, as well as exhaust brakes that keep big rigs and trailer-pulling vehicles under control. We also sell big brake kits, which feature higher-diameter rotors for better brake leverage and temperature control. And if you need to replace both your pads and your rotors at once, we offer complete brake kits that let you get everything you need at a great package price.

At, we strive to give you all the information you need to make the right purchase decision. If you want to learn more about a particular set of Honda Accord Brakes, check out our brake reviews and get the truth from real-world drivers. We even have a whole Learning Center dedicated to educating you on brake parts, and if you have any extra questions our customer service crew is ready to help on the phone or on live online chat.

From the street to the strip, Auto Accessories Garage has the parts you need to brake quickly, quietly, and safely.

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