Bull Bars & Grille Guards


About Bull Bars & Grille Guards

An aggressive front end lets other drivers know your truck means business. To make the statement you want while getting the front-end protection you need, bolt on a custom Bull Bar or Grille Guard. We offer a wide selection of the best brands in the industry, and every custom grille guard or bull bar ships for free.

Toughen up your truck or SUV's front end with heavy-duty Bull Bars & Grille Guards. Whether you're hitting the trails hard or simply finding a spot in the parking lot, a brush guard brings quite a bit to the table for your vehicle without taking anything off. They look cool, they protect your headlights and grille detail, and they let everybody know how unwise it would be to mess with your truck.

Bull Bars and Grille Guards protect the lower front end of your vehicle from kicked up rocks and debris. They also provide defense against low brush and high curbs. No matter what grill guard you need, be it a Toyota 4Runner Brush Guard or a Ford Ranger Brush Guard, these guards cover the whole front end (often framing the headlights) of your vehicle.

A Tacoma Brush Guard protects your beloved Toyota truck from all the rocks, branches, and rogue shopping carts that would otherwise bang up the grille or crack a light. Perhaps best of all, a brush guard gives your ride a bold, aggressive look that shows others on the road who's boss. Grille guards and Bull Bars from Westin and Romik are as tough as they look, with steel construction, strong welds, and heavy-duty over-sized designs. Plus, installation often takes under 30 minutes, as they are designed to bolt on to existing holes without any cutting or drilling.

Look to Auto Accessories Garage for the intimidating looks and heavy-duty protection of grille guards and bull bars. We have everything you need to make an informed decision. If you drive an F150, just tell us what year it is and we'll show you every Ford F150 Brush Guard we offer for it, with color photos and in-depth description. Once you make your decision, it will ship to you for free. There's no reason to fear: with AAG, we'll make everything as easy as possible for you.